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Philip V of Spain, 1743 Mexico mint 8 Reales (Pillar Dollar) From the Reigersdaal shipwreck
Assayer: MF, Mexico City mint
Obverse: Crowned Spanish arms, M/F to left, value 8 to right with legend surrounding; PHILIP • V • D • G • HISPAN • ET IND • REX
Reverse:Crowned globes flanked by crowned pillars with banner, date below, Mexico monogram either side, with legend surrounding; .VTRAQUE VNUM . Mo . 1743 . Mo .
39 mm in diameter, 26.3 grams.
*The Reigersdaal was an East indiaman frigate owned by the VOC, Holland. Built in 1738, Amsterdam.
In October 1747, the Reigersdaal, on her 7th voyage from Texel to India with a crew of 297 and a cargo of 8 coffers of silver, and a large amount of lead, made a stop at Dassen-eiland, South Africa. At this point already 125 of the crew had died from diseases, and being exhausted. In desperate need of fresh food, the captain, Johannes Band, ordered the crew ashore.
After this, they managed to anchor the ship with some difficulty at the Northern coast of Robben Island (an Island in Table Bay near Cape Town). The next day when Captain Band decided to go back to Dassen Eiland, the anchor chain broke and the ship ran aground on a reef, off Springfortein Punt. The dinghy was sent out with a crew of 15 to hang a life-line to the coast. When they arrived 45 minutes later, the Reigersdaal was smashed to pieces. Nobody on board had survived.