Code: 10456


Edward IV Gold Ryal or Rose-Noble, Flemish Continental issue
Gorinchem mint, Netherlands , C. 1495

Obverse: King standing in ship holding sword & shield, ship rigging with three ropes to left, only one rope to right, E on flag at stern, rose flower on hull, no mint mark. Beaded circle and legend surrounding: ED WARD. DI. GRA. REX. AnGL. Z. FRAn. .DnS. I.B.
Reverse: Rose flower at centre on sunburst, over cross with lis terminals, crown over lion in each angle, all within beaded and linear tressure of eight arcs, with trefoils in spandrels, beaded circle and legend surrounding: IhC. AVT. TRAnSIEnS. PER. mEDIVm. ILLORV. IBAT
A bold very fine with a pleasing portrait, struck on a full size very large flan with a pleasing tone and lusture.
S.1951, Schneider 362, N.1549, Thompson Gp. II, Cl. 3
7.6 grams, 37 mm in diameter.

* This 'Ryal' is a Flemish contemporary imitation of an English Edward IV Ryal issued shortly afterwards ( sixteenth century) by the mint of the city of Gorinchem in the Netherlands. Such was the confidence and familiarity of English gold on the Continent – mainly due to the wool trade that produced such wealth on either side of the Channel, that 'English Gold' was also 'unofficially' struck in the Lowlands to purchase wool as English nobles became the preferred currency– and being of good gold and correct weight, circulated freely either side of the Channel. The main difference is that the flans are a little larger than their English name-sake and the die engraving is not quite so sharp.