Code: 11036


IRELAND, Saorstát Éireann (Irish Free State). 1928 Proof Set London mint
Comprising off: Silver Leaṫ Ċoróin (Half Crown). Obverse: Harp (same obverse on all coins) Reverse: Horse standing left, Silver Flóirín (Florin). Reverse: Salmon swimming right, Silver Scilling (Shilling). Reverse: Bull butting right, Nickel (Sixpence). Reverse: Irish wolfhound standing left, Nickel Leaṫ Reul (Threepence). Reverse: Hare crouched left, Bronze Pingin (Penny). Reverse: Chicken standing left, with four chicks at feet, Bronze Leaṫ Ṗingin (Halfpenny). Reverse: Sow standing left, with five piglets at feet, Bronze Feoirling (Farthing). Reverse: Woodcock flying left. 
SCBC 6625-32. 
A truly superb set, practically as struck, attractively toned, showing original deep colours, set in the original green case of issue with ‘IRELAND’ in gold block letters upon the lid, scarce.

*When looking at this set, one can clearly see an original set that has been housed in the original plush box since being minted. 

**The Irish Free State was established in 1926, formally ending centuries of British rule. The new nation, desiring a coinage distinct from that of their previous leaders, soon formed a committee with the aim of selecting new and uniquely Irish coin designs. With the poet W.B. Yeats as the chair, committee members reviewed submissions from Irish, English, and continental artists. Eventually, in an attempt to avoid inflammatory political or religious messages, the group decided on an agricultural theme, highlighting the natural bounty of Ireland. Only six thousand sets were minted with the specially prepared ‘Proof’ surfaces, which only around four thousand of these were sold to the general public in presentation cases such as this example.

***The Halfcrown, Florin and Shilling were struck in 0.750 silver alloyed with 0.250 copper. The Sixpence and Threepence were struck in pure nickel.  The Penny, Halfpenny and Farthing were made of bronze, an alloy of 0.955 copper, 0.030 tin and 0.015 zinc.