Do you have coins and artefacts for sale? 

At Wessex Coins we are always interested in the purchase of new stock, be it individual coins or entire collections, hoards and artefacts.

With over 21 years personal experience handling coins, we have expert knowledge, 83 years of combined on-hand experience and are happy to offer advice and valuations in regards to your coins or artefacts.

We regularly travel around our home country of Great Britain, to mainland Europe and the United States. If you have a significant find or collection please feel free to contact us and we can arrange a face to face meeting.

We have a large portfolio of regular retail clients. Dealers welcomely sell to Wessex Coins as we achieve the best prices for coins, hoards, collections and artefacts. We buy from you direct - cutting out the middle man always achieving that better price.

Auctions can be a great place for achieving a good price for your items but there are auctioneer cost to pay, 20% to the buyer, 15% to the seller, which takes a fair chunk away from that initial ’good price’.

Wessex Coins have a large network of big buyers as clients who enjoy skirting the 35% auction fees giving you access to the best price possible. All our prices are guaranteed. Wessex Coins are strictly confidential.

For a friendly discussion about selling to Wessex Coins call us via telephone: +44 (0)23 80 972059, via mobile: +44 (0)7483236313 or drop us an email

Kind regards

The Wessex Coins Team