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Code: 10247

Victoria 1893 silver Proof set Crown, Halfcrown, Florin, Shilling, Sixpence and Threepence.
Older crowned and veiled bust left, T.B. initials below truncation for designer Thomas Brock, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, rev. Crown with St George and dragon right, date in exergue,
Halfcrown with crowned quartered spade shaped shield of arms, within Order of the Garter, date at bottom, legend surrounding,
Florin with crown over three emblematic shields over crossed sceptres, emblems and garter with outer legend surrounding,
Shilling with individual crowned emblematic shields, with emblems and garter around, outer legend surrounding,
Sixpence with crowned mark of value in words within wreath, date below,
Threepence with crowned mark of value within wreath.
S.PS8. All have been graded & slabbed by PCGS as PF 64. PCGS Certification numbers: Crown; 206495.64/35273779 Halfcrown; 206148.64/35273780 Florin; 205795.64/35273781 Shilling; 205396.64/35273782 Sixpence; 204988.64/35273783 Threepence; 204619.64/35273784.
A superb choice uncirculated matching original set, including the period red leatherette  case with gold block crest and lettering for the 6 coins.

* These silver proof sets of the new coinage were sold in small quantities though were more popular than the Boehm design of 1887 with the actual number sold at just 556.