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Code: 10434

Augustus Silver Cistophoric (= 3 denarii) 
Pergamum mint, circa 19-18 BC. Obverse: IMP•IX•TR[•PO•V•], bare head facing right 
Reverse: Triumphal Arch of Augustus, surmounted by charioteer in facing quadriga, an aquila before each side wall; IMP•IX•TR•POT•V• on entablature, S•P•R• SIGNIS RECEPTIS in three lines below. 
RPC.2218, RIC 510.
26 mm in diameter, 11.5 grams.
A most pleasing portrait, struck on very good metal, with a dark old cabinet tone, very fine, a scarce type.

*Other than the Sphinx reverse, this type is the scarcest of all the Augustus Cistophorus types.